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Hello parents!  We hope the information we provide here and via email to students is helpful as they prepare for study at NYU.  As a parent, the best thing you can do to assist your student with preparations is to discuss the summer with one another.  Conversations about what to expect while studying at NYU, experiencing life as a college student, and living in New York City can be immensely helpful.

Too often, students arrive on campus with little information or idea of what they need to do or what their experience will involve while they are here, because parents take the reins on preparations.  We encourage you, if you are taking the lead on your student’s to-do list, to push your student to take on tasks and read information.  It will be good practice for when they are going off to college and in charge of their own education in a few years, and it will help them get the most out of their NYU experience.

It is NYU policy that information be sent directly to students via email, so be sure to have your student check and read email on a regular basis.

Some resources and information available that may be especially helpful to parents are:

NYU Summer Programs Student Handbook: The policies and procedures of the program, including curfew, drug/alcohol use, leaving campus, and other matters.  It is a must-read for all students and parents!

FERPA: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is a federal law that protects the privacy of students enrolled at a university, no matter their age.  As such, while we do communicate with parents in cases of emergencies and severe policy/rule violations, we primarily communicate directly with students before and during their time at NYU.  Because of this, we suggest parents encourage their students to communicate with us should they have a question, concern, or issue and not have you talk with us. It is easier and faster for us to assist a student directly compared to assisting a student via their parent(s).

Safety: Coding for Game Design is meant to be a short-term college experience in which your student will be held to the same standards as college students on campus, inside and outside the classroom. As such, students are afforded some freedom during the day, and they can explore the campus and the city on their own during their free time if they choose.  We are, however, extremely strict with curfew in the residence hall to ensure student safety during the night and to help foster time management and responsibility in students.  NYU has a robust Public Safety office with officers on constant patrol of the campus area and guards in all NYU buildings, many 24/7 (including the residence halls).  Safety information will be shared with students during their program orientation.  Students who participate in curricular and extracurricular events are also joined by program staff who act as chaperones and guides.  You may also find our Health and Safety page helpful.

Residential Hall: For parents of students living on campus, the Residential Life staff created this orientation video about this summer’s buildings and on-campus experience.

Preparation Checklist: Our Prep Checklist and Dates and Deadlines blog pages include a suggested to-do list and important deadlines you and your student can use to keep on top of requirements and preparations for the program.

We hope this information is helpful!  If you have questions at any time before or during the program, do not hesitate to contact us!