NYU Resources & Services

5021415603_63fed9f67b_oNYU Bookstore & Computer Store
726 Broadway

The Bookstore is a great place to stock up on NYU gear, software, accessories, and of course, books. More information about the Bookstore is online.

Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
726 Broadway, 2nd Floor

Students in need of support, large or small, due to any kind of disability are encouraged to contact the Moses Center to register with that office prior to the start of the program.  The Moses Center determines a student’s qualified disability status and assists the student in obtaining appropriate accommodations and services.  Services provided vary depending on a student’s need but can include assistance with in-class lectures, support animals, and special housing.  Because of the time required to properly assess need and set-up support services, students are asked to contact the Moses Center no later than early June.

1407255646377NYUCard Center
7 Washington Place

All students must have a NYUCard.  It grants you access to NYU buildings, resources, and services.  Your NYUCard also serves as your dining card if you have a meal plan.

Students are asked to return their NYUCards to either the residence hall (residential students) or the NYU Card Center (commuter students) at the end of their program. If you do not return your card and come back to NYU as a student at a later date, you may be assessed a $25 replacement fee for a new card.

Information Technology Services (IT)
10 Astor Place, 4th Floor

IT is NYU’s central organization for technology services such as computer services, Internet resources and access, and telephone services.  Call the helpline above if you ever have trouble with a computer or Internet connection, have questions about NYUHome access, or are looking for the nearest computer lab. You can also reach IT via email at askIT@nyu.edu.

Information about IT is online.  A list of computer labs on campus is also available.

cdn-collegeprowlerAthletic Facilities
Palladium Athletic Facility, 140 East 14th Street
404 Fitness, 404 Lafayette Street

Gyms are available to all students living on campus who are 16 or older. The facilities include cardio and weight equipment, pools, squash courts, and rock climbing walls.