Events & Activities

Tourist taking photograph, Times Square, New York City.

Events are offered by the residential hall staff on evenings and weekends.  These events are available to both residential and commuter students participating in Sessions I and II.  Students in all of NYU’s summer programs participate.  As such, you will have the opportunity to meet students outside of the Coding for Game Design. These events are optional and students must RSVP to participate (see below).

The cost of events is covered by the program fee students pay. Cost does not cover transportation to and from campus or any additional personal expenses, such as food or souvenirs.

How to Sign Up for Sessions I and II

  • Event sign-up is weekly, and students are emailed each Wednesday (beginning before the program begins!) with event and RSVP information. We will post on this blog when your first event email is sent. Keep an eye on this blog and your email inbox so you do not miss event information.
  • Space in some events is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students attending any of NYU’s summer high school programs may participate in events, not just Coding for Game Design.  Therefore, students are encouraged to sign up for events early so they have a greater possibility of attending the events they wish.
  • Students will receive a confirmation email from the summer events team when they receive a spot in an event or activity.

Didn’t Get Into an Event?
Space on particular events may be limited. If you forgot to sign up for an event and want to attend or you didn’t get a confirmation email for an event, don’t worry! For each ticketed event, like theater shows or sporting events, there is the opportunity to “rush,” meaning you can enter your name into a lottery box and wait at the meeting spot for the event on the day of. If another student does not show up and there is an extra spot available, student names will then be drawn from a lottery box.

Because of event demand, students may not get into every first-choice event they have, but a variety of amazing events are available each evening and weekend, so you will not miss out!

More information about events and the RSVP and rush process will be covered at program orientation.

Event Supervision
Academic events are often chaperoned by faculty and/or academic staff.  Extracurricular events are chaperoned by P.A.s and/or other program staff. Depending on the location of an event, the timing of its end, and each student’s schedule, students may not be required to return to campus as a group after an event ends. Students are allowed to explore the city on their own outside of curfew hours (if they are residential), and it is sometimes easier for a student to go home from an event location than from campus (if they are a commuter).  As such, students on events leave campus together with a chaperone but may not necessarily return to campus together with their chaperone.