Session III Reminder: Get Your NYUCard

You are an NYU student this summer and, like all NYU students, you will need a NYUCard.

What is the NYUCard?
Your NYUCard is what will identify you as a student at NYU and what you will use to get around campus. You will need it to gain access to your classes and all other NYU buildings and facilities.


How do you get your NYUCard?
After you are admitted and enrolled into the program, submit your ID photo online.  Be sure to submit your photo no later than 10 days before the program begins to ensure the Card Center has enough time to approve your photo and print your card before you arrive.  Then on the first day of class, you can pick up your card at the NYU Card Center, 7 Washington Place.  You will need to show a valid photo ID in order to prove you are who you say you are and pick up your NYUCard.

If you plan to be in the NYU area before the program begins, feel free to get your ID early! After you are registered in the program, you may have your photo taken in person at the NYU Card Center at 7 Washington Place and have your ID printed while you wait.  The Card Center is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. each week.

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